Middlesex: Stephanie Neubert

Hello organisation & au pairs!

Here my report about my wonderful time in England!

I can´t describe all my impressions and experiences! Some of them you can only feel and be happy about it! Unfortunately it wasn´t a long time! I´ve been there 3 month - 3 beautyful month!!! ;o)

When I´m looking back the most important to me are the people I´ve met. I got to know my new friends and was fortunate to live with what I now call my second family!

I took care of four wonderful kids: Grace (1), Jack (3), Thomas (4) and George (6)! I had the best host mom and host dad which you can have!

I´ll be true, sometimes it was hard work, but a little childrens-smile or some other things took it immediatly away!

All I can say is that becoming an au pair was the best choice I´ve ever made in my life! I can only recommend you to do it too!

The first week was very hard for me - all is strange and new for you, but than you settle in very very quick!!! I had to start at 7 o´clock where I did prepare breakfast and lunchboxes, put the laundry on, empty the dishwasher, get dressed childrens, took Thomas & Jack to the nursery, ... and finished 10 am! Further I had to start 2.15 pm and collect the boys from nursery - it was a nice way through the beautyful park of Pinner, played with the kids, prepared dinner,... took the kids (Grace) into the bed and was 7.30pm finished!

I was babysitting 2 nights a week - the first one was really stressed, it was a new situation for the childrens (and for me! ;o) ), because I was "strange" but don´t worry, my hostparents were available everytime for me and the kids (mobilephone)! So it was a feeling of secure!

I´ve been at school about 8 weeks (3 days per week for 3 hours a day) and it´s fantastic get to know people all over the world - amazing!!! ;o)

In my spare time I used to do things with the other au pairs and friends (visit London a lot of times, sit togehter in pubs,... ) this is one of the many great things about being an au pair too and we all became very close!!!

All of you which have the chance of becoming an au pair I recommend to do it! It´s a feeling which is indescribable, fantastic, extreme interesting,........................... !!! ;o)

Best wishes and good luck ... Steffi from Germany ;o)

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